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Wine People vs. Beer People

Despite what might look like a classic dogs vs. cats alley fight to some, wine people vs. beer people actually have plenty in common. But you can’t deny that these two tribes have some pretty obvious differences.

In the interest of not taking either of these libations too seriously, let’s take a look at 7 differences between wine people and beer people.

Then in 2019, Wine Folly merged with Global Wine Database to create Folly Enterprises. While the company name has changed, the mission remains the same: make the complicated world of wine easy to access.

The Basic Betch

Live the wine lifestyle. Explore articles on travel, culture, people, and things that show life through the lens of wine.

Since 2014, the Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir Rootstock Trial – involving growers from across Greater Victoria – has been comparing the performance of Pinot Noir scions grafted to14 different rootstocks on two commercial vineyards 15 kilometers apart and with more than 100 meters elevation difference. One vineyard is located in a warmer coastal area of the Mornington Peninsula, while the other sits in a cooler more elevated location.
At both vineyards, Pinot Noir clone MV6 was grafted to 14 rootstocks with three replicates per treatment and one panel per replicate. Grapevines were also planted on their own roots as a control. 

The Stereotypical Snob

It’s frustrating to be standing in a wine shop, and you find a bottle that excites you with a QR code on the label, so you pull out your phone and get a dead end.

Many producers want to include such codes on their bottles, but struggle to maintain links or keep the information at the end of the rainbow up to date. Leveraging the power of the Global Wine Database, winemakers can dynamically generate wine information cards with scannable QR codes that lead to vetted wine information.

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