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Six Rare Red Wine Grapes You Deserve to Know About

Take a peek at some of the oldest wineries around the world. These working relics show how wine has been with us and will continue to be with us for the next millennia.

They will soon have their answer, when a panel of wine sector experts assess wines made from the rootstocks under formal conditions at the University of Melbourne – ultimately determining their long-term winemaking prospects.

The wines – including five from the 2020 vintage and nine from the 2021 vintage have already been peer-reviewed by a panel of Mornington Peninsula winemakers. 

Where Did Wine Come From?

  • Jewish Fried Artichoke & Grechetto
  • Carbonara & Lazio Bianco
  • Garganelli alla Coda & Cesanese

The ancient Egyptians drank wine. Back then, wine was consumed by high society and beer was the commoner’s drink. The Egyptians got their inspiration from the Levant (modern day Israel, Lebanon, etc) who’d been making wine since 4000 BC. One ancient wine cellar was found in Armenia inside a cave on the side of a hill.
At both vineyards, Pinot Noir clone MV6 was grafted to 14 rootstocks with three replicates per treatment and one panel per replicate. Grapevines were also planted on their own roots as a control. 

Reliable Wine Information on Mobile

It’s frustrating to be standing in a wine shop, and you find a bottle that excites you with a QR code on the label, so you pull out your phone, and get a dead end.

Many producers want to include such codes on their bottles, but struggle to maintain links or keep the information at the end of the rainbow up to date. Leveraging the power of the Global Wine Database, winemakers can dynamically generate wine information cards with scannable QR codes that lead to vetted wine information.

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