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For eight years, a collaborative group of winemakers, scientists, growers and industry organisations have been keenly investigating which phylloxera-resistant grapevine rootstock performs best for Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir.

Even though the college fraternities pay homage to ancient Greece, togas are definitely a Roman thing. The toga gradually became so voluminous and costly that it was used only on formal occasions.

If you tasted a new Italian wine each week, it would take you 20 years to taste your way through Italy. Thus, why not use an Italian wine map to unlock this never-ending adventure?

Ten years, over a thousand articles and two award-winning books later, Wine Folly continues to be a platform dedicated to helping people discover wine. Now that wine travel is resuming, Wine Folly celebrates 10 years with the top 10 wine destinations to visit in 2022.

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